Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Koko: Bar Method Experiment, Day One

I'm eating well but I'm not eating totally paleo. I eat sugar (in the form of a tin of delicious spicy cocoa I am working my way through nearly daily) and occasional other stuff. Right now post workout I'm enjoying some saag paneer and a very small amount of basmati rice. I drink cream in my coffee when I'm not organized enough to have my own cup preloaded with coconut milk. (And I was truly abusing coconut milk there for a while so I've only just started having it in the house again this week.) All in all I feel a lot better than I did on the pure paleo plan. Again, though, I am aware I should myself and note that my mood triggers aren't all diet-related by a long shot. I'm using the bar a lot, doing Lotte Berk   and Bar Method dvds and running small runs a lot more frequently. I figure I may as well document what goes on with these workouts. The most  efficient way to do that will be to take measurements since these workouts are all about dropping sizes and toning. I'll do that and likely keep my numbers private a while until they change to a degree that I am happy posting them to no one inparticular.

Meantime, I am counting today as Day 1 of, let's say, a monthly goal of: Bar workouts 4 x a week and 2 small runs a week. Plus Tuesday dance class and Saturday bar class when I can make it.

After a month I expect to feel awesome. I will report!


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