Friday, February 4, 2011

Koko's Roundup

So the upshot for me was that I completed three solid, excellent weeks of paleo. In a row. I got off track on my in-law birthday visit and then had this weird psychological thing that found me obsessing and grappling for sugar like no tomorrow in the homestretch. That could have been the corresponding PMS and Carrie-level period I had, but I attribute it more to my brain being unwilling to accept anymore highly-regimented eating.

Funny thing is now that the challenge is off I'm back to a pretty damn good paleo diet. I agree with you, Lolo, that the Whole 30 language is aggressive and off-putting. I remember reading one blogger ask, Why does paleo tend to attract such douches? I think the attitude expressed in the piece you linked to is largely why. As if "clean eating" is some sort of macho moral imperative. I also loathe that term, "eating clean," and the magical thinking that goes with it. And, if I'm being honest, a muscular Crossfit-type body is in no way my goal. (Hell yes, I want to be strong and a touch leaner but ass-kicking, though great for some, is not a major priority for me.) So I'm not a great poster girl for paleo as a "thing" even if I do, mostly, like the way grain- and dairy- and mostly-sugar-free eating makes me feel.

So my plan for myself around this blog is to check in once in a while to see how I feel. But I think I've learnt (YET AGAIN, MY GOD) that as much as booze and sugar make me fat, strict regimenting only makes me obsessed and kookoo.

Somewhere in the middle is a happier and healthier Koko.

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