Monday, April 4, 2011

Cucu – Top O’ Week Two

Just a quick update regarding how I’m doing.
The scale this morning states I’m down 9 lbs., which is hard to believe, as I generally work out harder at the beginning of a weight loss endeavor. But after a week of clean eating and several light cardio outings, I’ll take it! Huzzah! Also, I do believe the fish oil has greased my joints a bit, so I’m feeling a smidge more spring in my step.
While I feel good, I don’t feel void of cravings—it took all the strength I could muster a couple nights ago to skip the Jack in the Box drive-thru for a mint Oreo cookie shake and head home for an apple and nuts. I will continue to monitor my cravings, and while I know they’ll never altogether disappear, my hope is they at least quiet waaaay down. Lastly, I'm feeling tired, but I suspect I will pep up once I start working out harder/sleeping sounder.
As for food, I was Pretty in Paleo but for a bowl of chili, one french fry and three Junior Mints (a birthday outing with my niece is to blame), a couple Starbucks coffees with ½ and ½, and gluten-free whey protein, which is either acceptable or not depending on which Paleo expert you’re reading. I think it’s also worth mentioning I'm overall enjoying the meal plan, and I kicked ass on a spaghetti squash and meat sauce recipe—that there squash will likely be a weekly staple. Yum!
So far, so goodness.

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