Monday, April 11, 2011

Lolo Day - Days 12-14

All is good in Paleo land. Food is good, poopings good, (thanks to the magic of chia seeds) and I'm feeling a little bit more hearty these days, which is good. Decided to add some fermented dairy in (kefir) because it helps with my digestion in a way that sauerkraut just doesn't. In fact, sauerkraut has an unfortunate circumstance of making me nauseated. I actually think that one of the fatal flaws of the Paleo diet is no including fermented foods, which are phenomenal for keeping my digestion good and keeping me healthy.  So, I'm back to my daily glass (or two) of kefir per day which makes me happy. Of course I'm not adding honey to it, which makes me sad, but staying away from sugar is a better way for me to go. Okay gotta go.


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