Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lolo Days 7 & 8- taking a cue from Mr. Sinatra and doing it my way (or Sid Vicious)

Days 7 & 8 went well, except for probably eating too much on Sunday which gave me a horrible belly ache that lasted all day yesterday and it's finally starting to subside. I had a lovely chia pudding with walnuts and prunes and bananas and dates for desert on Sunday night and man, it did a number on my digestive track. I think I cleaned out years worth of intestinal debris over the past 30 hours.  Had dinner out with the husband at this cute little place and ate an artichoke stuffed with crab and shrimp and a plain salad on the side. Freaking delicious and very paleo. There was nothing suspect except for mayo on the side, which I gleefully indulged in. Oh wait, maybe that's what did it to my bowels... hmmm...
Yesterday was light on the food just because the belly was so very unhappy.
Lunch was some tofu and dinner was a delicious concoction of sweetpotatoes, red chard, onions, garlic, chicken, and chickpeas spiced with tumeric, cumin, and cayenne and a miso/tahini dressing that I made to dress it up. It was so good and even the Goose loved it. Of course sweetpotatoes are controversial in some paleo circles. But I think they're fine, I ate them in the last incarnation and will continue to. And chickpeas and soy (as in tofu and miso) are definitely not paleo in any circle, but as I said before, I've modified it to make it work for me, and moderate amounts of soy and chickpeas work for me. As a vegan I ate tons of soy, and then, I became vehemently anti-soy. And of course the Weston Price people think soy is the devil. I sort of agree. It's not super good for you in high doses, the way I used to eat it. But I certainly don't think that the one off stir fry with tofu in it is going to hurt me and it sits well with me. It's hard to piece all these things together. Like Weston Price is all about dairy, paleo is all about no dairy, Slow Carb is about no fruit or nuts, and lots of legumes, paleo is about fruit,
and nuts, but no legumes.  I think that no one outside of you can tell you exactly how to eat, you just have to figure out what works for your body. For me, fruit, limited dairy, limited soy, legumes, veggies and meat and seeds and limited nuts seems to work the best. Paleo wasn't great for me last time around because my hormones got all jacked up from all the coconuts and nut products. I had horrible periods and lots of eczema. But now, it seems to be working. I can't say that I'm pure paleo. I'm Paleololo and that seems to feel right. No intense cravings or weird hormonal shifts and absolutely zero eczema breakouts. So yay for that!

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