Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lolo Days 5 & 6

Day 5 was great, I discovered the best, but most ridiculously expensive paleo snack, made by Zen Monks in Detroit. I didn't know that Detroit had monks, but whatevs. Anyway,  I'll never buy these again because they're so damn overpriced. But so fucking good.  Delicious in fact. Yesterday,  day 6, my planned falling off went right according to plan. It was fine. Lots of motorloaf and scones and cream and jam and even going out to a bar where adult beverages were flowing and I even ate a whole burrito for dinner.  But back to it today.Yay for today!
I went to the doctor on Friday and discovered that I lost two pounds since I went last which was after our last 30 day Paleo challenge. I really don't want to be losing weight this time around, so I'm probably going to increase dairy.  Last time I went high on the coconut and nuts thing, but my eczema and my period were both awful and I don't want to trigger any weird hormonal shit this time. So, this time around, lots more dates and fruits of all kind and I'm gonna up my dairy and chickpeas. I realized that if you stick with Paleo pretty strictly and don't go nuts on nuts, weight just kind of falls off inadvertently. 
Okay, I'm off to whole foods to buy Kale and butternut squash and lots of other yummy stuff.

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