Friday, April 1, 2011

Koko - Days 4 and 5

One work week down. Going okay, wicked boo hoo pms not withstanding. I sat through two visits to the local ice cream parlor, dinner at this sweet restaurant, and the entire first half of a school play (which featured 4 year olds singing selections from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I kid you not), all without even one little nip of alcohol.

A bit of dairy has snuck in (the unasked-for bleu cheese on tonight's burger, a bit of half and half in yesterday's coffee) and I'm reminded that I can't have Lara Bars around. I ate two today, in lieu of food. And then I ate food. Otherwise, I'm on the paleo-la-la path (which is how I do paleo while also indulging my dorky francophilia. I'm reading this right now and really loving it despite near-constant references to patisseries.)

Exercise has fallen off this week so that's a goal to pick up again. I have other, non-paleo goals I'm working on and those are going well. One is to wear pretty underwear every day. Because, you know: I'm deep.

So sleepy. Off to dreamland pour moi.


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