Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lolo - Knocked up Edition

So I don't want to turn this into a Paleo pregnancy blog. But I guess it's going to be at least 1/3 a paleo pregnancy blog.

So, I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant. Yay!  It's been complex in certain ways, but great in others. No morning sickness! But lots of belly aches and constipation. Also, I have been off and on out of control with sugar. I am never out of control with sugar when not pregnant. Of course when I'm not pregnant, I have 1-2 glasses of red wine most nights. And when I did my 30 days of pure paleo, I was out of control with fruit. Which I seem to be lately as well. I've been downing watermelon and mangoes and cantaloupe like I'm a tenderloin drag queen and fruit is a size 15 knock off Manolos.  But I don't want to be out of control with sugar anymore.  A few weeks ago, I tried a week of pure paleo but wound up losing a ridiculous amount of weight in less than a week. So that's not for me.
I know that I can get calcium in  ways other than dairy, but really, who wants to eat that much canned salmon? Certainly not me. But kefir has been doing me well. So, I plan on doing paleo and continuing to report daily on my food because I like that.
I also plan on having a non- Paleo day every once in a while (like today! and probably at least once a week) because it's cruel to deny a pregnant lady pizza and chocolate. However, I have noticed that when I eat like crap, I get horribly constipated. So, I would like to stay pretty close to Paleo. With the addition of cultured dairy, fermented foods (miso, sauerkraut, etc), some tofu-- I know that soy and pregnancy are not necessarily awesome together, but I've been having ridiculous tofu cravings throughout this pregnancy. So, tofu it is. And some beans and chickpeas. So, it's barely pure paleo, but it's right for me. I am hoping to get up to 150-155 pounds.
Unfortunately, I can't exercise because of some pregnancy complications. I haven't gone on a run since March 4th and I'm sort of going fucking crazy. I was hoping to run through the whole pregnancy. But now, it seems that I won't be able to run at all. I can't even swim or do anything strenuous. Very yucky.  Back when I was in high school, I was a competitive swimmer. After that, I took a little while off of swimming, but got back into it by my third year of college.  Strenuous exercise just makes me feel right. And right now I feel wrong. In fact, my body is all jacked up. I am in pain all up and down my right side. I feel like ass. I went to my chiropractor and for a massage, and I still feel like total shit. And I can't take anything for it. But I digress. Shit, this is becoming a kvetch blog. But anyway, yeah, I'll report in most days with food and all that.

exes and ohs-- Lolo.

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