Monday, April 4, 2011

Koko - Days 6 and 7

Take me out to the baaaalllll game. With neither peanuts nor Crackerjack. Or rum in a flask, for that matter. I spent a victorious A's game eating carrots and healthy turkey meat dipped in guacamole. It was nice, though I do notice that pretty much everything I do is a tad less fun when I'm not drinking. Is that alcoholism, I wonder? Or do people drink for a reason? You know: because it's fun?

I practiced driving, from home to the Colloseum. The A's smoked the Mariners. It was Japanese Heritage Day and Matsui got his 2500th career run. I got a lot of reading done and felt happy to be in the sun.

Later, dinner at my dad's house. I am forever surprised by what people eat and call healthy. His wife is a smug Weight Watcher who has a bunch of digestive issues but is still very attached to fiber, whole grains, low fat and fake sugar. Yet she is also a totally self-righteous "real foody" and a quasi-vegetarian. It's fun eating and talking about food over there!

Dinner was burgers, grilled onions, avocados, cole slaw (lo-fat mayo, very sweet) and sweet potato fries.  God knows what my kid ate all day with them - he had explosive and mucousy diarrhea and kicked me and screamed in his sleep all night. Boo.

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