Monday, March 28, 2011

Koko - Day 1

Strong start to the new Whole 29 thing. Meat, veg, eggs, half of the kid's banana and half of his clementine. Coconut milk in the morning coffee, some coconut oil to cook with, almond meal in the meatballs, black coffee in the afternoon, in the absence of coconut milk and committed again to see how I work with a strict no dairy policy. All of my potential bingey things were kept well in check. Even the Lara bars and chocolate atop the frigo were left untouched. So I feel good!

I do notice I feel more hungry right now, even though I'm well-fed. My body misses its preciousssss, the sugar, the sugar. I'm excited to feel the cravings die away, and happy to have more time to exercise in earnest later on in the week.

As for my specific goals for this time around. . . Well, my main goal is that I plan to complete the whole 29 days rather than fucking off the last several in a fit of the gimme-gimmes. And now, some after-dinner crunches and push-ups. Then: house cleaning! Tomorrow's impromptu landlord visit has my attention more than food, glorious food talk.

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