Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lolo Day 3- Accountability

Today was one of those days where I really wanted a bagel and cream cheese. And then I really wanted to go to Walgreens and buy 4 cream eggs and put them in the freezer and them eat them frozen. Then, after dinner, I wanted frozen yogurt.  But I didn't because of me and koko's new challenge.  I realized then that this is why we do it. Not to be insanely strict or to be obsessive, but to be accountable and get support for this. I already know that I'm planning on eating some bread on Saturday and perhaps having a Paleo grade drink on Saturday evening, and that's fine. It's planned, though not a planned binge, and this blog and our dedication to each other is what makes this doable. It's what makes me say, "no bagel today, no chocolate today. Not no forever, just no for now." And I like that. Especially these days when I'm having lots of anxiety. For various reasons, anxiety and I have become great friends in the past month or so. We spend all our time together, frolicking, canoodling, in fact, we hardly get any sleep and spend many nights awake just being with each other.
As for food, 'twas a nice meaty day today.
Breakfast was tofu and butter (wtf?) Tea with almond milk and a whole bunch of kelp
Lunch was Salad with chicken and balsamic vinegar and oil
Snack of maybe 3-4 handfuls of almonds
Dinner was a small salad, one whole avocado and a very, very, very large greasy burger with cheddar cheese.
I'm pretty full, but thinking I might have an apple before bed because lack of fruit = lack of poop and you know how I love to poop.

Okay. Lolo out!

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