Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Koko - Day 3

Another fine day. Tons of sun here so I feel like my Vitamin D stores are getting stocked way up. More fruit than is probably good for me, I had watermelon, an apple, some raspberries (these frozen with half a LARA bar, a leftover kid-snarfed banana, some cacao nibs, and coconut: shredded and milk). I took the caveboy out for an ice cream and ignored his bossy 3-year-old dictate that "I have MANGO and YOU have CHOCOLATE, mommy." I, in fact, had none. I did have some eggs, I think some meatloaf? a LOT of pork roast, sauerkraut and charden from our garden, all covered in yummy pork roast drippings and full of garlic.

What else? Just some walking. I'm noticing that, historically, it may be that I get my exercise groove only after a couple solid weeks of the paleo eating. This seems to have been the case the previous two rounds - first I get the food sorted, then the manic nighttime running happens.

I don't know. It's a busy week. I have loads to do in life and jogs and thrice-weekly bar videos are not (yet) happening again.

I'm laughing as I reread the posts from last time: all enthusiasm at the beginning, full of "never again, this regimenting is stupid" as time goes on.

I realise I never feel on an even keel with food. I am either hungry but feeling light and energetic, or I feel slothy, full, ravenous and insular. I wonder what it would take to just feel even and good most of the time.

More sleep, to start.

good night.

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  1. "I realise I never feel on an even keel with food."

    Dude. I am so with you. I don't know where the middle is! I like reading this.