Sunday, March 27, 2011

Koko T-minus-1 Part Two: Synchronicity - Without the Silly Outfits

Let's first get out of the way that, while the Police were pretty great, their clothes in the Synchronicity era were undeniably silly. (By the way, I love the way this particular video gets all John-Woo-does-doves-and-streaming-things up in here. Oh la la, l'80's!) Not that you'd ever see the Great Master Sting doing a double-gun anything (unless that's a new Tantra position I don't know about).

. . .Anyway.

Synchronicity came in the form of a text from Lolo today, asking if I'd be down for another 30 days of paleocity, beginning tomorrow. An enthusiastic YES. It's great timing since I had plans in place to do a little Whole 29 number with our friend Cucu (as she shall henceforth be known here). Cucu is new to the paleo thing, and while I've had some happy success these past couple of months, I've been slacking hard this past week +, this season of St. Patrick's Day soda bread, fatty meats, colcannon, whiskey and Girl Scout Cookies. Realistically, that one holiday came and went, but the huge container of Samoas-flavored ice cream (which I will call seasonal eating at its best and I dare you to differ) lingered not long enough in my freezer. Worse, it spawned a whole lot of lazy eating and the time is now to buck up and get back on la plan.

I will not be doing 30 days. I will be doing 29, knocking off one day early to celebrate Easter in the grand and Cadbury-glutted method to which I have little doubt will still delight me when I'm through this month of sugar-free existence.

So that's where I am- beginning a near-month of paleo tomorrow: no booze, limiting coffee, ditto not abusing nuts, coconuts or dried fruit products. Welcome meat, vegs and fat. I'll keep on loving you, barre work, belly dance, light jogs and - hell, perhaps the new kettlebell video. Not to be a cliche, but dang if the things don't seem to create some hella hot bods.

I'll chime in with more specific goals tomorrow and plan to update daily (though I am not interested in obsessive tallying food consumed this time around). For now, if I may propose a toast: I raise my (last) glass of wine (for a while), sending love to Lolo and a "Welcome, friend" + love to Cucu, and celebrate our already warm hearts, sharp minds and hella hot bods.

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