Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Koko Day 2 - Now with Accidental Gluten?

Great day! I saw the Eadweard Muybridge exhibit at the MOMA and really enjoyed the homoerotic motion studies - barely clad blacksmiths coming at you!

I had a really good dance class in which I didn't feel like (much of) a total spaz, a had a short, nice conversation with a Tunisian cafe owner who has set up shop near a place I go every week. I told him I was glad he was saving me from patronizing Starbucks and we talked about Turkish baths, massage, and why my coffee choice (black, no sugar) made me "healthy, like a French person." Why, merci beaucoup, monsieur. You do go on.

I ate some meatloaf that was totally unpaleo, I'm sure. I ordered it at my favorite little coffee place near work before realizing that meatloaf is generally made with breadcrumbs, not almond meal, as it is in my house. So Day 2 and I'm imperfect already. But perfection is unrealistic and hardly my goal.

Home cooking tomorrow. This is key for me for keeping on track.

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