Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pre-Paleo Countdown: Shop, Prep, Love Edition

Koko, Day t-minus-six
Music: Best of Al Green
Today was not a paleo/primal day, but is was wildly productive. Thank Santa for those grandparents (all five of 'em) who are doing their best to undo all the anti-consumerist mind-control Dubious Husband and I try to work on (Soon to be-) Paleo Kiddo. (S-t-b-)PK spent the better part of the day playing with too many toys while I got busy in the kitchen. After a tasty dim sum breakfast with friends (in which much meat but also lots of sticky starchy buns were consumed) we hit the grocery stores and stocked up.

Shop: I have never been more grateful for holiday gift cards. Organic meat is expensive but we won't be hitting many restaurants (and the long-term goal is not paying medical/prescription bills if we are lucky), so it is worth it. We came home with meat meat meat, tinned fish, eggs for days, a rainbow of vegetables, tons of coconut milk, a few frozen berries, and me with renewed enthusiasm for the ease of this project if only I pre-plan. Which brings us to. . .

I spent the whole day baking chicken, making turkey/spinach meatloaves, blanching vegetables and making them small. We have meat in the fridge, meat cooked and cubed in the freezer, bowls and bowls of veggies ready for stirfrying, and tons of hardboiled eggs ready to go. We really have no excuse to make paleo work this week-- at least on the meals we eat at home.

My first attempt at making mayonnaise (baconnaise, actually) was an abject failure. I must have used too much lemon juice at the outset. It never did emulsify. I will try again tomorrow, but what a waste of egg yolks and bacon grease. And so, mayo a disaster and idle hands wanting something to do, I come to. . .

I write this post, after this good productive day, with one hand on the keyboard and the other in one of those smash-and-eat chocolate oranges that comes in a Christmas stocking. Why "Love?" Chocolate makes us make oxytocin, right? The Love Hormone? Work with me, people.

Anyway, the rest of the candy we were given is packed up in Dubious Husband's lunchbag for distribution to his workmates tomorrow.

And finally:
We have a big week of dinners and things to do with friends (including lasagna and champagne with Lolo and co. on New Years Eve) but I'm giving myself the space to finish out this season of celebration making mostly good choices and allowing the odd treat to sneak in.

Yours with lasagna and champagne, at least for a few more days,

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