Friday, December 31, 2010

Pre-Paleo Countdown: Scharffenberger Cocoa and New Years' Wish Edition

Koko, T-minus-one
Music: David Bowie, "Boys Keep Swinging"

For 2011 I humbly submit my request: I want a year without irony. I'm too old for it and I've had enough of the stuff for 2  lives already. It is lazy and it's cowardly. It says one thing, then winks and does the opposite. It suckerpunches right where it hurts. It wraps itself in Kevlar, skulking and caging. Instead of just asking, instead of just saying. Instead of just shooting straight.

For me I want a guileless year, a great big dorky trusting American tourist smile of a year: openhearted, sincere, and naive. Its big bloody heart right out there on its sleeve.

Too warm to worry about acting cool. Not savvy enough to wonder about the subtext.

I want a year in which you assume the best from me and I believe only the best about you, so we can each of us trust the other. As simple as that, whoever the "you" and "me" are, in every combination.

A year without hospitals would be pretty great too.

(And for you: I want whatever it is you want for your self. We deserve it, all of us.)

2010, you were a delight in some ways. In others you brought pain I haven't felt in a very long time. I like to avoid such "character building," such "learning experiences." But I look back grateful for the time. And grateful that it's over, and grateful to have gotten a peek at the truth, especially the times that I've wanted to see it least.

Koko, who never feels worse than after napping in the daytime

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