Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pre-Paleo Countdown: Cave Mayo Edition

Koko, Days t-minus-five and four
Music: Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, "Now is Better than Before"

Already I feel so good. Because of Sunday's prep, yesterday was so easy. Breakfast was a hard-boiled egg and three wee slices of boar bacon with a big side of broccoli and onions and a cup of coffee with coconut milk. That carried me through with not a single pang of hunger until 3pm. I want people who struggle with weight and food and hunger and all of that to understand this point, and to see why a breakfast as yummy as eggs and bacon is a very good thing. (Just make sure it's nitrite-free, organic bacon - we don't want to poison ourselves while we're trying to get healthy - and maybe limit any kind of bacon if you're avoiding processed foods or watching your salt.)

I don't know about you but when I eat a carby breakfast, even (or especially) something like that big bowl of oatmeal that Doctors Ornish and Oz and Weight Watchers and all say is so healthy and so filling-- you know what I get? Hungry by 10, in need of more coffee, moody as hell and panicked about when my next meal is coming. That's because blood sugar spikes and dips with carbs. Even with "good carbs." Even with added fat from butter or coconut oil. Whereas protein keeps you satisfied longer and without the headaches that come from all that spiking and dipping.

In the evening I acheived mayonnaise! I used a a whisk and a bowl and an adaptation of an adaptation of  Julia Child's recipe . (The original was discovered on a stone tablet somewhere in the caves of Lascaux, I believe.) Mine subbed apple cider vinegar for lemon juice (since I had used all the lemon juice in the previous day's failed mayo experiment.) The fats were mostly coconut oil with about a fourth or so total olive oil, with a bit of bacon grease for tasty, tasty flavor. I got the kid to take over some of the wrist-breaking manual work (see photographic proof if you want to consult someone about child labor laws but I bet dollars to donuts this crummy camera pic won't hold up in court). I tossed the finished product into a salad of mixed greens, pre-shredded broccoli slaw from a store that sells some organic and many pre-shredded things, halved red grapes, a thimble-full of boar bacon bits, and dry roasted unsalted almonds. Ghosts of the blogosphere (it is funny writing for no one except us), let me tell you that this was the home-run salad of the year. Holy cow, that and a side of chicken tossed with kale braised in some broth cubes I had in the freezer and you've got yourself a meal.

So yesterday was successful from a dietary standpoint. Physically I did little more than take a short walk, so that aspect can use some work. But I had energy to burn, prepped today's lunches, made sauerkraut from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, cleaned the kitchen top to bottom and even found a really great use for some of the dried beans we have left in the cupboards.


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