Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lolo T-Minus 4 days

I can't wait to start. For some reason, I'm having a great deal of trouble doing this in these pre paleo days. I had quite the restless night as the goose was tossing and turning all night. I finally fell asleep after the goose left at 7 this morning and slept till 10. I was of course late for work. Chugged down my vitamins with a cup of black tea and tomato juice and busted into the office.  Came home for a brief break, chugged a latte (I had a free starbucks coupon that expired today- and I couldn't let it go) and ran 4 miles. I worked for a minute, showered, went back to work, and at about 6:30 this evening realized that I was starved. Lame. I totally forgot not just breakfast, but lunch too. That's another thing that I need to be vigilant about,  not skipping meals. This isn't unusual, I'll wake up later, rush to work, run around doing errands and then come 3, 4, 5, and in this case even later, realize that I hadn't made any time to eat in the daytime. Come evening, I am so hungry that I eat things that I hadn't wanted to.  By the time I got home at 9 this evening, the goose had friends over and a giant thing of noodle kugle, complete with sugar, sour cream, etc. etc. and a giant bowl of chips and salsa. So, I ate it of course, I was hungry and not necessarily down with making a separate meal for myself in front of his friends. I steamed some vegetables for good measure and ate some broccoli and butternut squash. It's funny, I'd barely been eating any sugar or wheat at all this past year, but all of a sudden, the second week of December, and since then I've been going nuts for these decidely unPaleo foods. I told the Grey Goose about our 30 days of strict Paleo and he's down with it. I definitely feel better on it.
Moodwise I'm feeling better, those first 5 days of my period are always brutal. But it's over and now I'm feeling more like myself. Looking forward to seeing friends tomorrow and new years eve. Am excited for the challenge of staying on Paleo while being with my family for 5 days the first week in January. Falling asleep now. kisses.

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