Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pre-Paleo Countdown: More Emo Koko, Now with Skin!

Koko Day T-minus-three

Oh, feelings. Some major things I'm eager to see affected on this paleo experiment are mental. I have depressive tendencies and some post-traumatic stress, according to my cadre of social scientists. I'm still nursing a toddler so I'm not a great candidate for pharmaceutical enhancement. That's all well and good; I generally love to go it au naturale. I'm trained as an herbalist and I avoid so much as an aspirin when I have a headache. But for depression and anxiety, I've had my best successes in the following ascending order:

Wellbutrin worked well.

Acupuncture worked better

Training for a half marathon worked by far the best.

Problem is, when you're down you're down and even brewing up a strong happy-making tea feels like a hell of a mountain. Getting in for twice-weekly acupuncture and running every day are great ideas but pretty much not going to happen.

So I expect and hope to decrease blood sugar spikes and dips while increasing energy. I went through a somewhat manic period concurrent with my last paleo experiment so I don't know if it was the great food or the crazy in my brain that made me want to jog and yoga at all hours. Now that I'm in a decidedly more reflective place (reflective: that's a nicer word than sad, isn't it?) I am curious to see how the dietary change affects my mind.

On the skin front, I am in the depths of monthly hormone-itis but left the house without feeling the need for even a speck of concealer. The pimplage that was in constant eruption during most of December's sugar- and booze-fest has died down into something not yet luminous but no longer looking like gravel paved over. So there is encouraging progress already.

A roast is slow cooking in a heavy french pot; oxtails are thawing for some later project; meatloaf is baking and smelling delicious if I bothered to sniff.

Amazing that I can eat a cow for breakfast and still feel like the bottom of the food chain.


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  1. Hi Koko,

    I certainly found that when I did Paleo last time, I had a sense of calmness and vitality often. I slept well and felt energized during the day. I do think that it will also help with depression. But we're soon to see. I am duly impressed with your Paleo preparation. Oxtails, meatloaf, home made mayo and roast. That's amazing. I think that I might be representing ghetto paleo on this end as I tend to have less patience (though I wish that were different) for cooking and preparation.