Friday, December 31, 2010

Pre-Paleo Countdown: Later That Evening Edition

Koko, T-minus-two
Music: The Police, Regatta de Blanc

Yep, dinner was delightful. Mandy was in top form and the fellas at the next table over were a hoot. It was good to chat and laugh with friends. Last minute we decided to not meet up for the second leg of the evening and indulge in the best tropical drinks in the city. I love a tiki bar more than the average girl but after two glasses of wine no good could come of rum and fruit juice, cute little umbrellas or no. I'm not yet paleo this week but no need to go kookoo with it.

Lolo looked hot as usual and any weight she thinks December is manifesting is totally invisible. I wonder why that bitch Carroll has never commented on my spectacular weight fluctuation.

Can't wait to read the fellas' pasta blog. Let's hope it is just as self-indulgent and self-referential as this one.

And with that, I leave off, except to say that damn straight I can feel a difference between what has been normal eating this week (mostly paleo) and the donut holes with butter bourbon sauce that ended my otherwise pretty decent meal this evening. Feeling stuffed and sugary isn't pleasant and I hope I will remember that the next time deep fried doughy bourbon stuff rears its tasty head.


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