Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10 - Koko, Quick and to the Pointless (so they say)

Just popping in to say that the Tall Guy is not only eating a brownie- he's eating a mess-you-up brownie. And drinking a beer.

Me? Some ginger tea. I made sweet steaks with kale and cabbage and the kiddo ate at least 4oz of meat for dinner. He has a hollow leg. Anyway, good thing for me that mess-you-up is totally not my drug, and I hate the smell so much that I've never even had a beer or I might have to wring the Tall Guy's pale, carb-lovin' neck.

I just share this by way of showing that two people can be doing polar opposite things and still live under the same roof. Often without wanting to kill eachother.

That brownie does smell awfully good though. I ordered some raw cacao nibs (just one letter away from caca) and I look forward to their arrival next week. I have pudding plans for some enchanted future PMSing evening.

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