Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lolo Day 18- Pink Eye

ugh, I woke up today with pink eye. no fucking fun. When I called my husband at work to tell him he asked me how I got pink eye. I told him that it was from him sticking his penis in my eyeball when he tried to teabag me the other day. Oh yeah, he teabagged me. Then he teabagged the cat. The cat was nonplussed. I on the other hand was tres' plussed. I also woke up grumpy. Don't know why. It's a beautiful day out. Food has generally been good. I can't really remember what I ate yesterday, but the evening we had Thai food and again, not a good option. I stuck to all sauteed dishes but things came out with sauces that i know must have had some cornstarch, flour, sugar and other non-paleo things. My eczema broke out instantly. then i woke up with this damn pinkeye. I'm very premenstrual, my boobs hurt and i'm grumpy. lame.

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