Friday, January 21, 2011

Lolo Day 20- I couldn't agree more

I too am very over this. The intense restriction is unbearably uncomfortable and it's having me obsess about the things that I cannot have. It feels pretty awful. I like Paleo, and I liked how I went Paleo in October, which was mostly Paleo with wine here and there, with dairy here and there, with a bite of ice cream here and there. I was like 80% Paleo. Now I'm 100% and I'm grumpy. I will say that when I did it last time, I felt the benefits, now, I feel no benefits. I feel stressed and resentful. And not only that, I've had things go on in my body that didn't really happen before. Such as increased eczema, painful cystic acne on my face and body and now pinkeye! In 36 years, I've never had pinkeye and now I have pinkeye. It's fucking awful. And my PMS is crappy right now. I've never been this moody with PMS, I usually don't even know I'm getting my period till I get it. 
I'm eating way too much fruit and it's messing with my body intensely.  I'm dizzy and hungry a lot.
But there are a few things that I do like about this 30 day experiment, namely the awesome poops that I'm producing each morning. The other thing is the not drinking thing which I'm really liking. I like not drinking wine with dinner, it helps my sleep and my waking, it also helps me to feel more productive and I also really like being out and not drinking. It feels liberating in a way, I'm more able to focus on my conversations with people, which I definitely can't when I'm drinking. So I think that I will try and continue that. My nails are breaking and peeling, so that's not good either. I don't know exactly why this is. But generally, despite all the claims that 30 days of Paleo will change your life, I don't feel better at all. In fact, I feel worse. I think that it might be for people who have a very poor diet to begin with, but that's not the case for me.
Anyway, I'm grumpy in general today. My eye hurts, I'm tired, I'm sick, I'm staying home in bed all day. lame.

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