Monday, January 24, 2011

Lolo day 23- The Menses Edition

So, I'm on day 2 of my period and this has got to me the most intense period that I've had since age 13. I am bleeding thick gigantic blood clots, I'm filling up super tampons and leaking through. I've been an emotional wreck, bloated, acne, and not to mention that my eczema has been breaking out in a way that it rarely, rarely does since I've been strict paleo. I wonder if not drinking has thickened up my blood? If so, I need a glass of pinot. STAT.  I've been weepy and bad moodish since Thursday and it seems to be wholly hormonal. I don't usually have emotional periods, but I started PMSing the same day as my pink eye started.
Woke up this morning, coffee & and apple.
3 mile run
came home and ate a minimally processed gigantic turkey sausage
worked for a few hours
came home and ate like half a jar of sunbutter

Vinyasa yoga class
came home and drank some coconut water and ate the remaining half jar of sunbutter with a banana dipped in. Crazy delicious
worked for a few more hours
home and ate two chicken tacos and an orange.

I think I'm addicted to sun butter. It's so, so, so good. But I probably shouldn't be eating a jar in a day.

I'm disturbed by my eczema. It's getting worse rather than better. I guess I can sort of isolate the cause now since my diet is so restricted. I have to either give up nuts/seeds or fruit and see what happens. My hunch is that it's fruit, because I've noticed that this can be related to blood sugar highs.

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