Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day Eight- Koko

Today I got my hair did and made some yummy facial masks so I feel prettier than I did an hour ago. My dudes are sleeping like the lazy sods they are and I'm checking in. Tired, I'm not noticing a tremendous improvement in skin or mental well-being just yet. I'm eating paleo and not physically craving much though I do have nightly emotional cravings for the sweet and woozy stuff. These are the habits I know take a lot of time to change. The physical part is easy.

I made a bunch of paleo-friendly food for my mom who is trying to lose weight and recovering from surgery. She's basically unable to cook for herself and I will hope she eats all the good stuff and leaves the Cheerios and bread that is filling her kitchen to the rafters alone.

That's it-- off to wake my lazy family and go out for a burger and salad. No food in the house.


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