Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lolo Day 29

Today was an unintentional vegan Paleo day. 
Breakfast was an apple and 4 or 5 walnut/date rolls. (yum!)
Lunch was 2-3 handsful of cashews, another apple and another several date rolls.
Dinner was this awesome soup that me and the husband made up. Carrots, olive oil, sweet potatoes  onions, ginger, cashews, garlic, coconut milk, curry, cayenne, all pureed in the blender. It was amazing! And we're going to be so vitamin A-y tomorrow. Oh yeah, I put chicken stock in the soup. Oh well, there goes my vegan theory.
We went to Ghiradelli Square and the old man had a hot chocolate with whipped cream and I had a green tea. There were all these people eating all these hot fudge sundaes out of giant fountain glasses. But it passed and I felt fine about it. Only one more day, then it's Paleo for the less hardcore, yet still conscientious. Which I'm psyched about. Today is the 30th, which makes it the last day for Koko me thinks. How'd that all go? Paleo roundup?

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  1. I'm finished after today but unsure of what I want to write. . . more later xo Koko