Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lolo- Day Eight

Falling asleep... just gonna check in with food for the day.

Spent the entire day with the family.

Breakfast-- piece of bacon and an apple coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch-- orange, lettuce, crab salad.

dinner-- tons of meat-- steak AND chicken AND a hamburger!!!!!!!!!!!!! (zoinks) avocado, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, onions, lots of seltzer with lemons and limes squeezed in.

desert-- one clementine, one gigantic grapefruit.

cup of tea with coconut milk.

Am noticing how hard it is to do this at my parents' house. It's not completely convenient and i know that my food is really out of my control. But it's a good exercise in knowing that I can do this when I am out of my element. Am also noticing that having strict, rigid rules make me have fantasies of binge eating or ideas about gorging myself on things like diet coke and diet ice cream. Interesting. When I did Paleo previously, I was not super rigid, for example, I'd stop off and have a decaf latte' once in a while or a bite of something non paleo every once in a while. But for these 30 days, I've committed to clean Paleo eating. we'll see how that works out. The one thing I've noticed different-- cystic acne. what? what? I don't believe in the myth of detoxing. My diet was quite clean before (barring the month of December) and I didn't have this going on. My hormones are being wacky. As I said before, I think it might be nuts. That's my big difference, eating tons of nuts. I am cutting down on them for a few days and see if it makes a difference. Are coconuts a nut?  Spent the eve with the husband and the brother watching the Big Lebowski. The three of us spent the day down in Key Largo with the parents where we frolicked in the mangroves, picked fresh key limes and everyone indulged in fresh made key lime pie ('cept me who ate fresh crab, lettuce and orange). Dad made a comment that the key limes would be awesome in a gin and tonic. When we got home he made drinks all around. I had key limes squeezed in seltzer. After he parents went to sleep, my brother stood in the garage smoking weed while I made tea and the Goose ate the gooey fresh brownies that my stepmother made. The other thing that I notice is that I'm eating more than I want and need to compensate for not eating other things. I've been almost trying to stuff myself with meat and fruit so that I can deal with the food around me. I think that will change when we get back to California. That's pretty uncomfortable because I'm feeling really stuffed and my pants are feeling a bit snug. But I know that will change when I get out of this house of temptation filled with it's evil brownies and chocolate covered macadamia nuts and big bags of chips and bagels and cream cheese, and ice cream and of course lots and lots of booze.

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