Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lolo- Day Four

It's cold here. Real cold. I mean, it's 50 degrees, which isn't real cold, but for California, it's cold. Woke up this morning and walked downstairs in my jammies for a cuppa coffee from the Bucks. Anyway, I saw this young Asian man, all bundled up in his peacoat,  standing outside of Starbucks, drinking a coffee, smoking a cigarette, and eating a pastry. I suddenly had this great desire for a giant mug of coffee doused in cream and sugar, a cigarette and a pastry. There's something wonderful about the combination of one of those freezing winter days when you can see you breath and a sugary milky hot drink accompanied by a cigarette. I've not had a cigarette in at least 7 years, nor have I bought a pastry, gosh, I don't think I've ever bought a pastry, and  I haven't even had sugar in my coffee for at lease 10 or 15 years, but MAN I was jonesing for that triple threat combo.

Me and the Goose are busily packing for our trip, folding laundry, washing sheets, doing dishes, etc.
Today was a hungry, hungry day for some reason.

Breakfast- Cup of  coffee  drenched in coconut milk -3 eggs fried in coconut oil -- 4 slices of bacon.

Lunch-- 1 sweet potato mashed up with coconut oil and three tablespoons of chia seeds. Glass of 100% pomegranate juice. Again, I know that's pushing the Paleo limits, but... it's still in there.

3 mile run. Which finally felt okay. I've been feeling all my runs be hard. But I think that the sweet potato/chia seed combo was helpful.

Post Run Snack-- 1 turkey sausage-- 3 handfuls of cashews-- a bunch of  leftover ground beef coconut milk curry stuff from the other night.

Dinner-- The rest of the leftover beef coconut stuff from the other night. A taco with grilled chicken and guacamole and salsa from the taqueria down the block.

Desert-- 15 prunes (good luck plane mates tomorrow), a handful of cashews, a handful of pecans, a handful of pistachios, a handful of walnuts, cinnamon, coconut milk-- all warmed up in the microwave and mixed together.

I have a ton of raw nuts and dried fruits and Lara bars for the plane. Hopefully the TSA doesn't cease them.

I miss wine. *le sigh* no wine (ing). 

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