Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day Four, Koko

Reading Lolo's story about crotch-grabbing bears and the poor paleos' lack of clothes I am reminded of an otherwise relatively bright man I once knew. He believed until the age of 12 or something that bras were there to keep women's breasts from gooshing out through their nipples.


Today I rocked it paleo-style.

coffee with coconut milk; zucchini; meatloaf

porkchop breaded with almond- and coconut flour; broccoli

coconut milk "pudding" of yesterday. Dangerous.

fantastic steak from these guys; brussels sprouts with apples and bacon. With only water and black coffee. Still, can I get a hells yeah?

all day long with detox tea
chill-out tea
whoa* is me

I have a lot to say about the incredible film Black Swan but I will save it for tomorrow when I am not exhausted and quaking in my boots from all the cinematic holy-wow.

Last bit of news: my house joined this meat CSA and the Dubious Tall Guy is celebrating by watching Gwar's video for Meat Sandwich.


*screw you, Woe. I'm so over you.

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