Friday, January 7, 2011

Days Five and Six, Koko Dreams of Cake and Chocolate Nepenthe

Keeping up the paleo eating. Adding squats and crunches to my daily routine. In bed by 10 last night. No news and few signs of life to report on from this planet but I wanted to duck in to comment on a few of the things Ms. Lolo has posted of late.

Firstly, what, Lolo? You have never bought a pastry? That is straight nuts, but it also explains why you are a trim little thing and I am not. I love a pastry, and damn it if a smoke and a coffee and a little buttery something don't sound really nice right now. A wintertime treat that would feel warm and delicious (and very sick-making*).

Instead I have had a hard boiled egg, a banana, a black coffee from the old Euro-style coffee place near my office. Good enough fuel for a busy day ahead.

Also? Chocolate-flavored wine? My GODS, add some nicotine or maybe a light opiate and you have created my favorite beverage ever. Sweet liquid Nepenthe, I am all over your ass.

But no wine and no chocs for me lately. Lots of whining, though. If only in my mind. It's a process.

I have several posts in my brain but this is the quick one I am scratching off to check in, acknowledge I am still on-plan, and keep accountable.


*This is a topic to explore in a future post. I generally eat well but I sometimes really crave, really relish, the sinking feeling of cigarette sickness, of a slight hangover. That dull throbbing that comes from succumbing to ill health and bad behavior. What is that, I wonder? Does anyone else get that too?

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  1. Hi Koko,

    I don't get the craving for a hangover or cigarette sickness, but i do get cravings for the lament... Like after my mom died, I just sat in bed drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Sometimes, the idea of being sad, tired, and hopeless seems oddly safe and comforting.