Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 - Koko's Feeling Damn Fine

I feel pretty good today. It's always good to awaken from something that could have been a straight hell hangover debauch and feel gleefully, righteously sober. (If only it didn't mean a lame ass time the night before.) I had a nice day of eating- solid protein, lots of vegs, didn't abuse the coconut.  (I am discovering that abusing coco only abuses Koko and that's no bueno.)

Brunch with friends and then to the race track with other friends. I had the pleasure of watching my kid make $8 on Family Soul for the win. (Got to start them young, but it always suprises me to discover that the race track is decidedly more Bukowski than Thin Man. To my dismay.)

Ran a quick 2 miles and feel nice to have sweated. I want to be mindful that my ability to run isn't tied to being in a manic phase (that's a lower-case M, not pathologizing here). Will attempt this week to go back to my goal of running a short while like this just a few times a week. I'm feeling inspired by my cheesy ballet bar right now, and doing a lot of strength work there. It feels good.

Going to eat some berries with a small amount of coco milk, maybe a few cacao nibbies. I'm also teabagging like a fiend. Thanks for the visual, Lolo gal.

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