Monday, January 10, 2011

Lolo-Day Nine

WTF is Niacin? Some kind of cult? Anyway, Paleokid shouldn't join that brown rice eating cult. Not good. 

Today was travel all day and very, very challenging. I was on a plane for 7 hours. And we had a delay at the airport, which was awful. So, for food:
breakfast was coffee with coconut milk, lots of steak and mushrooms, and a giant grapefruit.
lunch was a salad at the airport which had lettuce, chicken, golden raisins, slivered almonds, and it had some feta which I did my best to avoid, but I know that some wound up in my mouth and within moments I had that same old phlegm plug in my throat. (pretty, huh?)
then we were delayed at the airport. I bought a giant sack of cashews, raisins and almonds, which had 7 servings of which I ate all.
then, on the plane-- more nuts, several handfuls of pistachios and cashews from the bag that I packed from whole foods before I left.  Then, two packs of the Jet blue cashews as well as a seemingly un-paleo can of tomato juice, which wasn't too bad, tomatoes and ascorbic acid and salt, but still...
got home and ate a bunch of walnuts and some organic 100% orange juice. 

Not my finest 5 days of Paleo, but I must say that for 5 days traveling, I think I improvised pretty well. Thursday we were on the plane all day, Friday we were in a car for 7 hours, Sunday we were in a car for 5 hours and today we were in the airport and airplane for a total of 10 hours.  Again, not the bestest Paleo ever, but the improvising was good. I would have waited to start until tomorrow knowing that we were going to my folks, but I wanted to try and see if I could do it there. It honestly felt close to impossible. But I'm happy to be back to my apples and eggs and steaks.
I am unsure what I weigh. I was at the doctor on December 2nd and I weighed 128.5. I imagine that I added to that in the month of December.  I don't think that I actually drop pounds with Paleo, but I notice that I tend to eat a lot when I'm doing Paleo. I'm okay with that. I like how much more aware I am of what food does to my body.
For instance, I never noticed the phlegm that accompanies dairy. But, whoomp there it is. Also, I am noticing right now that my eczema spots are tingling and will probably break out soon. I am pretty sure it's the nuts. I know that I'm allergic to brazil nuts. My throat closes up and gets all painful and scratchy. I never really noticed that until a few years ago when i bought a ton of Brazil nuts and ate them.  I used to always go to my Grandma's house and crack open her Brazil nuts and chow down on them. I'd always notice that I'd get a sore throat. But I thought that it was because I'd also always dig through the medicine cabinets and pop a couple of xanax or valium or whatever else fun I could find, and I thought that God was punishing me for being a Grandma Cowboy by giving me a sore throat.  But then, several years ago when I tried this wacky WaiDiet where you basically just eat raw fish, fruit and raw brazil nuts and I sat and ate a bag of brazil nuts one afternoon with nothing else and got the crazy closed throat and pain and it was awful. That's when I discovered I was allergic to Brazil nuts. I experimented on and off. Yup. Definitely allergic. So, it wouldn't be impossible to think that I'm allergic to other tree nuts. I don't want to give them up, but it might be useful to give them up for a day or two then reintroduce and see what happens with the skin. Okay, Lolo exhausted. Out.


  1. oh yeah, so for comparisons sake, I'll weigh myself again at the end of 30 days and see if there's a change. Also, I'm going to assume that in the month of December I put on about 3 pounds, so I'll compare it to 131.5. And if you're out there reading this (which I doubt your are) you should know that Lolo and Koko have quite a height difference (by about 7 inches!) Koko is above average female height where Lolo is below average female height, so despite the weight difference, we lay in pretty much the same place on the BMI scale (for what that's worth).

  2. I hate it when God punishes me for being a Grandma Cowboy. ("I using a wahkah heah!")

    xo Koko