Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14 - Koko, A Bit Sick of This

Music: Lou Reed, Transformer

I'm officially sick of this stuff today. Kid had a sleepover pizza party at school this evening, and while we landed up picking the poor goofball up just post-pizza and right before pillow fight at 9pm, for a minute I had this incredible sense of freedom. Where would Tall Guy and I go? What would we do? Well, I wasn't getting excited about drinking (am not) or eating (am limited). The demonstration in front of the cinema was ill-timed. I'm not about to cross a picket line and going to movies is about my only mind-numbing vice of late.

So, piece of fish, black coffee, a crying phone call from the school office, and BOOM: there's your date night.

I'm really wondering how tomorrow's karaoke birthday thing will play with me being all sqeaky-deeky sober. Sometimes social anxiety is a drag.

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