Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lolo Day 14

Agreed. It's getting lame without wine. The husband doesn't even want to go to karoke tonight because we're not drinking. But I think that when we get there, he'll be happy to see all our friends.  But man is he grumpy.  My alcohol cravings are still mostly for a mimosa. Just craving a damn mimosa. The Goose  had to go into the office today because the Middle East never sleeps. I on the other hand am enjoying a glorious 3 day weekend. I didn't work yesterday and what a lovely day it was frolicking about in the sun. Food was awesome till we went out with a friend to Chinese food and she wanted to share everything and the place had nothing steamed. So I ordered things sauteed which I thought would be innocuous, but sure enough it all came with sauces that no doubt contained sugar and cornstarch and probably glutenous and soyanous additives.  I was totally stuck and just ate slowly and mindfully the veggies and meat that were all soaked in evil sauces. Damn. Going out to eat is not a great option these days.   Came home and had a delicious desert of hot coconut milk with cinnamon and bananas all soaked up in it.
I've also swapped out prunes for Medjool dates which are infinitely better on my belly. My digestion feels awesome now.  However, skin still seems to be breaking out, especially on my legs, ass and jawline. Eczema too. Insane with the amount of fish oil and coconut oil and coconut milk I'm taking. But I've made it almost half way through and am feeling great.
Something that has improved greatly is my sleep. I'm sleeping awesome these days and my energy level is good. I was going to go for a run this morning but forced myself not to because I've run 4 days in a row and I don't think that's good for me physically at all. I am pretty sure I need a rest day.
I've been meditating a lot and getting things done like wildfire. Quarterly taxes done! Bills- paid! So I actually think that energy levels and outlook/mood are much enhanced. So that's a positive thing.
Food yesterday is a blur.

I think I had 3 eggs and a banana for breakfast.
Chicken with (homemade!) baba ghanoush for lunch and the end of the pistachios
Snack- 10-12 medjool dates
Dinner - evil chinese food
desert-- 5 or 6 oz of coconut milk with bananas cut up inside.

It's interesting because I know that I'm eating a ton more fat and a ton more calories than I probably usually do, especially with all the canned coconut milk and dried fruit that I'm consuming, but I don't think I'm putting on any weight. That goes to show you about whole foods and high quality fats! Down with franken foods and artificial sweeteners and low fat products. Up with high quality plant based and animal based fats-- good for mood, good for energy, good for sleep, bad for ass zits.

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