Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lolo Day 22- Pinkish Eye

I have been mostly uncomfortable for days. Honestly, there is nothing more sexy than a grumpy, bloated woman with her period, cystic acne on both her face and her ass,  and an acute case of pink eye. Love this Paleo thing.  This might have been one of my most hormonal cycles ever.  I think that all the fruit is throwing my hormones and sugar out of wack. But I was telling the husband the other day that I think a lot of my fruit craving is also due to the fact that alcohol has been taken out of the equation, so I am craving the sugar that used to be in wine.
Food has been mostly fine, except last night, after seeing Tron we made a stop at Mel's Diner where I ordered a wedge salad. I didn't know there were croutons on it. I tried to avoid those, which I was mostly successful at, but there was this creamy blue cheese dressing that was dribbled on a lot of the salad which was almost impossible to avoid. Oh fucking well.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday have been poor eating days. Because I've been feeling sick, rather than eating sit down meals, I've been grazing all day. An apple here, a handful of macademia nuts there, standing in front of the refrigerator and eating a half a jar of sunbutter (which is my favorite paleo processed food,) a bunch of dates rolled in pecans (yum! thanks Whole Foods), a Lara bar grabbed from the emergency stash in the freezer... but no sitting down for a meal besides dinner. It's been just a ridiculous amount of snacking. When I got sick Thursday night I began craving orange juice like mad. I sent the Goose to Whole Foods to buy unpasteurized, raw, with pulp, orange juice. He came back with 365 brand pasteurized pulp free juice. That's fine. I drank the whole thing in 3 days. I figure if my body wanted it so bad, might as well give it. If coffee is paleo, then surely orange juice is too. Whatevs.
I've been tea bagging myself by sticking green tea bags in my eye. Pink eye is nasty nasty nasty.
Did make a new recipe that both me and the old man love. I cube an eggplant, sautee it in olive oil, add one red onion, a few cubes of diced garlic, throw in a bunch of curry powder and salt and a can of diced tomatoes and hot damn that's yummy.

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