Monday, January 10, 2011

Koko- Morning Weight What? Also-- You're Starving Your Kid!!

So I've started looking at the scale again. What a massive headfuck. If I weigh first thing in the morning it's 158, 159. Later in the day it's 162. Same clothes. This is consistent through this past week. The numbers are fine; I'm not trippin' and my weight does seem to be going in the right direction. One thing that strikes me is, holy cow, does that mean I'm eating just too too much? I'm not eating to stuffed and I'm walking around a lot during the day (though I am not yet galvanized into a proper workout frame of mind). But is a difference of 3 or 4 pounds "normal" through the course of a day? It's all pretty ridiculous: my clothes feel the same morning and evening. I need to just normalize this style of eating and not worry so much about the weight loss aspect. The weight will go. The weight is going.

Post-script-- My sister and mother have been asking about what it means for my kid to eat this way. "What about Niacin?" my sister said with great concern. Funny thing is, this is nearly identical to the way he was eating before (when I was too lazy to soak, and thus cook, beans and grains). For a bit of comparision I give you Robb Wolf, who has done the work of laying all out so I don't have to.

Also, there is this:

from here. I don't see a grain on this chart and Kiddo ate half a chicken for breakfast today. I think we have niacin covered around here.

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