Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 11 - Koko Pt 2: Thai Poisoning

Holy cow, peeps. I ate at a restaurant tonight. Thai food: lemongrass chicken, bunch of vegetables.Tofu on the plate that I didn't eat. And sugar sugar, oh boy.  It wasn't particularly sauce-y but man-i-low, I felt high after I ate it and I feel sick and bloaty now.

Tall Guy and I went to a movie (The Fighter. Go see it- especially if you are like me and only think sexy thoughts about Christian Bale when he is at his least, shall we say, conventionally attractive.) and then I came home to four pints of water and me feeling exhausted.

How nice to feel the difference between eating well and eating "normally." I am not hard enough core to restart my 30 days; I feel comfortable with the choices I made today. But I plan to take it really easy tomorrow. Maybe some fasting until the afternoon? I'll see what my body tells me, Anakin.


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