Friday, January 7, 2011

Lolo- Day Five

Damn, Day five was hard. Mostly because it was all air travel and parentsing. But I've stayed true to Paleo, despite being with the parent's with a house full of wine, beer, sweets, chips, etc.

coffee w/ coconut milk

Breakfast-- at the airport-- mushroom & sausage scramble with a side of bacon.

On the plane--- many many many prunes and a ton of raw nuts and lara bars.

Dinner-- at the parents. Steak. Lots and lots of steak. Smothered in mushrooms and onions, tons of salad with avocado and drenched in olive oil and vinegar, asparagus... washed down with pellegrino.

Desert- Another Lara Bar and a cup of decaf chai with coconut milk.

Probably ate way more than I needed yesterday. But my body was thrown off by fatigue and travel. Am up too early this morning again, (by West Coast standards) but am on the East Coast and need to make a three hour drive to visit my Aunt and Grandma. Another challenge coming up when my aunt takes us to probably Chili's for lunch. I am going to fill up on eggs and leftover steak before I leave so that I won't be hungry come lunch time. I'm not necessarily keen on skipping meals through this, but I think it's important to be creative and industrious in order to stay Paleo.

One of the worst temptations that my parents have in the house is this business:

Yeah, it's what it looks like. Chocolate red wine. Now I know that it sounds totally gross. But it's two beautiful things mixed together. Chocolate and red wine. It's like getting drunk off of yoohoo. It's kind of fucking amazing. But anyway, my parents always have it around and I love it like crazy. So, it makes me sad to see a full bottle in the fridge waiting for me. "We bought you your favorite fun drink!" they say. I didn't actually tell the parents that I'm strictly paleo for the next 30 days, but my stepmom actually is incredibly keenly aware of the way I mostly eat anyway, which is why dinner was easy for me to stick to a paleo plan.

The other big temptation here is diet coke. I rarely drink it at home, but here it's like they own stock in it. In fact, when I was in high school it was piled to the ceiling in cases. Now there are only like 40-50 cans in the outdoor fridges. But they are all about diet stuff, like diet soda, diet hot chocolate, and I can fall prey to artificial sweeteners if they are around. My old eating disorder stuff when I'd live on diet coke and cigarettes. I'd drink DC so that I wouldn't eat other things. It's still tempting. So, last night was hard, especially with all the tired. So, I'm pretty impressed with myself in not giving in even a bit.

This morning I'm sipping on coffee and coconut milk (my stepmom had a can in the house that I requested). About to take a shower while the goose sleeps. Happy to be here with the parents and the goose and my awesome little brother.  It's a beautiful day out.... Sunny, crisp, 70 degrees. Damn it feels good to be a gangster...

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