Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lolo Day 15- No sugar. No grains. No wine(ing). No Fun. :(

Woke up this morning happy and bright and well rested. Went for a quick 2 mile run. Ate  a turkey sausage, 12 medjool dates, coffee with extra coconut milk. Me and the Goose went to the mall to buy him shoes. Fuck the fucking mall. It's filled with shit that I wanted to eat. For some reason. I wanted to chug diet cokes, lattes', frozen yogurt. Not to mention Mrs. Fields cookies and pizza all over the place. The goose got a giant sized chocolate chip cookie and a latte and I found an apple somewhere.  Then we got home, at a dinner of eggplant, tomatoes, onions, red peppers and some hamburgers. Afterwards he was dismayed that he couldn't find his mall cookie anywhere. So, I went and bought him a brownie from starbucks. I wanted a bite. This is getting lame. Anyway, I'm relaxing with a desert of a baked apple with hot coconut milk as well as a cup of red vanilla tea.
other than that, things are good. My mood is generally light and good. But honestly, I would love a cookie.

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  1. Hey! We cross posted each other. I ate dates today too. Why are you enabling his brownies? That's like trying to kick heroin and going out to score for your man (I would imagine). On the other hand, I'm watching Stupid (Husband) watch From Russia with Love and drink a bottle of wine. Had to go out and run so I didn't swat his face. xoxo K