Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One, Koko

So here it is my day one. It's been a slow and quiet day that went well from a food perspective. For breakfast, an egg, chard and a piece of bacon. Coffee with coconut milk. Lunch was an orange and a small handful of nuts when I hung out with my poor sick mom and watched the excellent Dr. Who opener this afternoon. Dinner was a beef stew that had all of the goodness of said mom's midwestern cabbage rolls, but with none of the rice or cream or pesky rolling up business.

I'm sitting here drinking a cup of ginger tea and noticing how much I like and miss my nightly wine or nightly chocolate or nightly both. I notice a real tendency to self-soothe with food and drinks that isn't surprising but is very obvious by its absence.

I'm asking myself: how do I feel? A bit tired, a bit self-pitying but generally grateful. Lacking much to write about I will offer this up, something I've shared on my skincare blog and that seems pertinent on this night of list-making before a big shopping trip tomorrow.  Click here for the Environmental Working Group's list of the best conventional fruit and veg choices and those that it is most crucial to buy organic.

And with that I'll step off to an early bed. Resolution #75: sleep more.


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