Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lolo- Day Ten

Yay Koko! Yay for self advocacy! Yay for being numero uno! I love that post.

I am well. Happy to be back here and back to work and back to my kitty cat who is snuggled up next to me on this cold California night.

Food was filling today. I skipped breakfast and jumped out of bed late. At noon I had a quick lunch break with chicken tortilla soup where I sadly picked out the tortillas and the manchego cheese and corn. But it was full of chicken and avocados and cilantro and onions which were yummy.

I went shopping at whole foods at about 3:30 and there was a special on winter greens, so I bought two batches of chard, one red and one rainbow. I bought a bunch of fruit and came home and had an apple, a grapefruit and several handfuls of prunes. Which was bad because I wound up having awful farts during my last client. I thought I was going to explode. I LOVE prunes. They are my favorite fruit/snack and according to Chad Hamilton, they have a super high oxygen radical absorbence capacity score. I barely even know what that means, nor do I care. But I love them so much. But they don't love me. Farting incessantly and trying to pretend that I wasn't in session was mortifying.

Dinner was chard and tomatoes all stewed up together and meatloaf and sweet potato fries baked with curry and olive oil dipped in salsa. Yummy. Desert, an apple accompanied by, you guessed it. More farts. 

Not drinking is getting easier. It helps that the goose is staying clean with me and we keep on marveling at all the $moola$ we're saving. We use to go through at least 3 bottles of wine a week between the two of us. That's like close to $200 a month! Not to mention if we went out we'd order beer or wine. Now, none of that. I mean, not to get to pious or anything, it's only been 11 days. Tonight was the first night that I had no craving for wine. So that's good. I really do enjoy coming home in the eve and relaxing with a nice goblet of pinot. But it's becoming more about tea. I like tea too. With that, I leave you with my Koko inspired Diana Ross tribute of the day.

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  1. Oh, Ms. L. I had no idea prunes neutralized free radicals. They are so yummy and delicious. Reading Chad-Chard's blog, I'm reminded of how my grandma and grandpa had stewed prunes every morning. I eat them like raisins sometimes but I haven't had them stewed in years. Even though I find most stew and even the word stew distasteful, I shall try to stew some prunes because I remembet that stuff being the yum. Thaks for reminding me, and also for making me snarf water out of my nose thinking about you farting it up in session. Classic stuff. I'm glad you're back!!
    xoxo Koko