Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lolo Day 24

Mmmmm.... I am eating something so fucking crazy delicious that I can just about bust a nut. I will call it Kokoloko Delight..... It's chunks of pineapples and bananas smothered in coconut cream with cinnamon sprinkled on top. It's better than an ice cream sundae.
Today was fine.
I had to get a bunch of blood tests. It was kind of exciting though because I ran into an old friend at the hospital and we wound up chatting for like 1/2 hour, and then we got to talk again tonight.
The phlebotomist was a very angry Chinese lady who told me that she was a nurse before she came to this country but she can't bear to be a nurse here because Americans are all spoiled and have a ridiculous and unrealistic sense of entitlement and they all take too many paper towels when they dry their hands. What do they need all those paper towels for anyway? I was in no state to argue with her being that she had a needle in my vein as she was pulling NINE vials of blood from me. Anyway, she made some very good points, especially when she said, "why do americans need so much money anyway?  you only eat 3 meals a day, so how much money do you need for that?" Good point Mrs. Veinny Popper. She complimented me on my giant veins and said I was  Phlebotomist's dream.
Food was good. I took a day off of exercise. I'm kind of sore from the Vinyasa class.
Breakfast was coffee and a grapefruit and 3 slices of bacon.
Lunch was 1/2 a pomelo and 3 fried eggs and one whole avocado.
Dinner was a stirfry of chard, sweetpotato, chunks of salmon, orange & yellow pepper, garlic, & ginger.
And desert was my banana, pineapple, coconut cream, cinnamon melange.
Eczema hasn't broken out today. Lots of fruit, but no nuts. We'll see how it goes tomorrow too, another day with fruit and no nuts. Maybe the day after I'll switch out fruit for nuts and see if I break out again.

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