Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lolo Day 17

So I cut down dramatically on fruit today and I actually feel markedly improved. No extreme hunger, which is what I'd been battling with, no eczema breakouts and no feeling like falling asleep in the middle of the day, and the other thing was no crazy food cravings or thinking about food during the day. Which leads me to believe that three doctors might be sort of right about my insulin resistance, as much as I loathe to believe them.

Day off from exercise
Breakfast was 2 giant turkey sausages and one apple with coffee and coconut milk.
Lunch was 3 eggs fried in coconut oil
Snack was 3 tablespoons of straight tahini!
Dinner was turkey, sweet potato, rainbow chard and desert was five dates.

I bought a gigantic fucking organic turkey breast from Whole Foods. I dunno why. Nothing else looked good. So I bought this giant fucking 3 pound turkey breast and I've never cooked anything besides turkey burgers or turkey sausages before, but I decided to cook a turkey breast. The Goose fucking HATED it! He took one bite and said that he didn't really like it. It was admittedly quite dry and gamey. Then he was all concerned that I was upset. I might have squeezed out a few tears. But it was my first turkey and I was attempting something new and I was a little sad that it didn't work. But i chopped it up with a bunch of celery and red peppers and mayonnaise and german mustard and curry, cumin, paprika, tumeric and cayenne, and he tasted it and liked it, so it's going in his lunch pail for tomorrow. I think I will probably be eating turkey for the next few days. And lots of water to go with it.
Otherwise, it's been a lovely day. I'm full of energy and feeling good. And really beginning to dig this no drinking thing. I like how productive I am without my nightly glass of pinot and I like how much energy I have in the morning.  I still fantasize about alcohol, but I'm beginning to understand there's a huge benefit to not drinking.

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